Self & Team Discovery
A Path to Profits, Passion & Purpose

Ready to launch your best life, team, and business? In this one-of-a-kind training for personal and professional growth, Cliff Michaels guides you through his trademark 12-point discovery system, tailored to individuals and teams alike. You’ll be challenged to find your passion, purpose, unique abilities, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, focus goals, values and more! You’ll also […]

Communication, Relationships & Networking
Your Path to Social, Emotional and Business Intelligence

Ready to take your career, business, and people skills to new heights?  Social, emotional, and business intelligence are as critical today as any other skills in a fast-paced, high-tech world. To that end, this course blends key essentials guaranteed to enhance your personal, professional, and team abilities for communication, relationships, and networking. Whether you’re a student, […]

Power Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
The Art of Getting to Yes!

Want to Get to YES, break deadlocks, and close more deals? This high-impact course is for students, salespeople, diplomats, managers, deal-makers, and business leaders alike. For over 20 years, Cliff Michaels has negotiated thousands of transactions between brokers, buyers, sellers, and investors. From Purpose and Preparation to Positioning, Packaging and Persuasion, you’ll learn to leverage powerful strategies like a pro! Whether you’re […]

Goal, Project & Time Management
Getting Organized to Get Things Done

Take your focus to peak performance levels! Goal, project and time management are critical to success! In this high-impact program, Cliff Michaels guides you through smart systems and routines for greater action, purpose, and accountability. Whether you’re looking to make little changes at home, big changes in your career or team performance, and really shake things up […]

Forum Training for Effective Teams, Boards & Meetings
Essentials for Mastermind Groups

Ready to take your mastermind groups & leadership ability to a whole new level? Based on principles developed by the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), and his experience as a forum trainer & president at the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization Los Angeles Chapter (YEO, known today as EO), Cliff will guide you through result-driven exercises guaranteed to run […]

Leadership, Management & Team Building
Inspiring Happiness, Innovation & Peak Performance Cultures

Ready to inspire a fun, healthy & peak performance culture? This course will take your leadership, management and team building goals to the next level, covering essentials to entrepreneurial strategies for winning environments big or small. You’ll learn keys to inspire as a coach, parent, educator, or leader in your field?” As founder of companies in […]

The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking > e-Course
Full 6-Hour Audio E-Course Edition

The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking comes to life with music and sound effects as education activist and social entrepreneur Cliff Michaels narrates his critically acclaimed New York Times Bestseller! Discover how Cliff dispels the myth of born entrepreneurs and proposes a paradigm shift in global education. Cliff first shares his inspiring journey of triumphs and tribulations as a young entrepreneur […]

Financial Literacy & 8 Steps to 800 Credit
Your Path to Financial Independence

Ready to master your credit & money strategies? Whether you’re a starving student, successful professional, parent on a budget, or entrepreneur in search of capital, you’ll get easy-to-follow credit and money essentials for the real-world. You’ll also develop great new habits for your personal path to financial independence! For over 20 years, Cliff Michaels has trained […]

Power Sales & Marketing
How to Build a Quality & Referral-Based Clientele

Ready to double sales & earn loyal clients? In today’s fast-paced business world of slick infomercials and high-tech gimmicks, Cliff Michaels will share honest, straight-forward sales and old-school strategies that have stood the test of time. You’ll also learn some of the latest internet marketing strategies to ramp up your business, whether you’re a bootstrap start […]

The Smart Entrepreneur’s Business Planner
Essentials for Start-Up, Growth & Capital

Got a great idea? Writing a game plan? Pitching for dollars? Whether your goal is to build a home-based business, bootstrap a fun project, raise capital, or grow a global company, this course provides essential strategies to match your mission; including a template for power point pitches and a business plan builder that makes it easy to organize your game […]

The Entrepreneur’s Edge (Coming Soon)

The Entrepreneur’s Edge is a 24/7 ALL-ACCESS PASS to Cliff Michaels Academy E-courses! You’ll also receive exclusive invitations and discounts to live training events. With highly effective tools and exercises, and Cliff as your virtual mentor, your Entrepreneur’s Edge is the ultimate learning experience for fun, fast, and life-changing results! Get this Course NOW or contact us for school, group […]

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About the Book Audio | Ebook | Paperback

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In The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking, Cliff Michaels dispels the myth of born entrepreneurs and proposes a paradigm shift in global education. Taking readers on an inspiring journey, Cliff shares his triumphs and tribulations as a young entrepreneur who challenged teaching standards at 18. He ultimately dropped out of USC and started buying properties at 19 with no cash or formal business training.

After building a successful real estate company in the 90s, Cliff raised millions in venture capital to launch a pioneering technology company during the Internet frenzy of 1999. His Diary of a Dot-Com will have you on the edge of your seat as he bares his soul to discover success and happiness. Cliff then unleashes a dynamic system of fascinating essays on life skills, action strategies, core values, and purpose principles.

On the cutting edge of personal and professional learning programs, Michaels draws on mentors from da Vinci, Edison, Mozart, and Einstein to modern icons such as Jobs, Oprah, Branson, Spielberg, Hsieh, and Mycoskie. Featuring over 100 amazing people, Michaels sets a new standard for academic and corporate training. Street-smart & thought provoking, The 4 Essentials isn’t just for entrepreneurs. It challenges all of us to earn a real-world MBA – your Masters in Basic Abilities. Part memoir and part manifesto, The 4 Essentials are now taught in top schools & companies worldwide.


What People Say

In The 4 Essentials, Cliff Michaels delivers a powerful path to profits, passion & purpose. Tony Hsieh, CEO of and # 1 NY Times Bestseller of Delivering Happiness

The 4 Essentials is a fun read. Like Cliff, it’s full of passion with a blend of new ideas and timeless wisdom. Dave Logan, Former Associate Dean of USC Marshall Business School and # 1 NY Times Bestseller of Tribal Leadership

Cliff’s writing is full of creativity, inspiration, and practical lessons. I highly recommend The 4 Essentials. Blake Mycoskie, Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes and #1 NY Times Bestseller of Start Something That Matters