Cliff Michaels is a change maven and social entrepreneur. He’s also a speaker, strategist, financier & founder of Cliff Michaels Academy which provides a fun, fast, result-driven curriculum for individuals, schools, teachers, and organizations.

Affordable e-courses & interactive tools are available anytime, anywhere at the user’s pace. Live workshops can be booked as well. Taught to thousands of clients over 20 years, Cliff’s training system is based on SkillsStrategies, Values, and Purpose featured in his New York Times Bestseller, The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking. The book debuted #1 on Amazon and #3 NY Times (2012). It was critically acclaimed from education and business leaders worldwide.

A USC freshman in the late 80s, Cliff began a daily practice of handwritten thank-you notes to brokers, bankers and real estate investors. Nearly broke, his work ethic and creative letters attracted partners that helped him buy his first home at 19. As a sophomore however, Cliff battled college prerequisite courses like statistics and accounting (he was an undiagnosed dyslexic). On a whim, Cliff polled teachers, professionals, and entrepreneurs on real world essentials critical to success. Results validated his theory about gaps in traditional education and corporate training. Today, professors and professionals use The 4 Essentials as a training guide for life skills, career development, and social entrepreneurship.

Due to skyrocketing tuition, Cliff dropped out of college as a sophomore and launched Cliff Michaels & Associates (CMA), a real estate, entertainment, and business consulting firm. CMA has closed over $500 million dollars since 1992. In 1999, Cliff also co-founded, the world’s first online registry to feature digital notary technology.

Cliff served as a 10-year board member and President of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization Los Angeles (today, EO), the world’s premier network for entrepreneurs (10,000 members, 57 countries, 125+ chapters). At EO, Cliff launched student mentor programs, co-chaired international learning events, and created the organization’s first philanthropic galas.

Cliff’s passions include support for kids at risk, cancer, global hunger projects, clean water, and animal rights. When he’s not globetrotting for a cause, Cliff plays in Santa Monica with yoga friends, movie mavens, and Lucy The Wonder Pup! Cliff’s bigger mission is to inspiregive back, and raise the bar for global education through social giving and entrepreneurial thinking. With each sale, free books and courses are donated to schools in need. LEARN MORE!