Cliff Michaels is a New York Times Bestseller, speaker, coach, social entrepreneur and venture capitalist. His essential e-courses, tools and learning retreats for careers and entrepreneurs cover board & forum training, self & team discovery, goal & time management, sales & negotiation, financial literacy, business launch, leadership, personal growth & start-up essentials (See Cliff’s Crash Course Curriculum at

Cliff’s training systems include 1-minute hacks, fast-paced 45-minute videos, interactive tools, optional quizzes, completion certificates, and progress dashboards for teachers and trainers. Lessons are based on skills, strategies, values and purpose principles featured in Cliff’s bestseller, The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking – What Successful People Didn’t Learn in School. Part memoir and manifesto, The 4 Essentials debuted #1 on Amazon, surpassing all genres from Steve Jobs to Hunger Games.

Cliff is also the founder of Cliff Michaels & Associates, a mortgage, real estate, venture capital, and consulting firm that has closed over $500 million in transactions since 1992. In 1999, Cliff also co-founded, the world’s first online registry to pioneer digital notary technology.

From 1995 to 2004, Cliff also served as president and forum trainer of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Los Angeles (EO L.A), the world’s premier peer-to-peer network for qualified entrepreneurs (10,000 members, 125 chapters, 60 countries). During his tenure, Cliff not only launched student mentor programs and charity galas, he co-chaired international learning events.

A USC freshman in the late 80s, Cliff battled dyslexia and prerequisites like statistics and accounting. He soon launched a survey of teachers, students, athletes, and professionals to have them rank real-world essentials critical to success. Results validated Cliff’s theory about how entrepreneurial thinking could fill serious gaps in education and corporate training. Today, thousands of individuals, schools, and organizations worldwide use Cliff’s training systems.

Cliff’s philanthropic passions include the arts, kids at risk, global hunger, animal rights, and the environment. When he’s not globetrotting for a cause, Cliff plays in Santa Monica with yoga friends, movie mavens, musicians and his rescue pup, Lucy. Cliff’s bigger mission is to inspire, give back, and raise the bar for education. With each sale, free books and courses are donated to schools in need. LEARN MORE!