Ready to launch or grow your business? Cliff Michaels walks you through an interactive Business Planner with essential strategies to attract talent, apply for loans & pitch for capital. You’ll also learn what advisory boards never tell you!

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Product Description

Writing a game plan? Pitching for dollars? Ready to launch or grow? Cliff Michaels walks you through The Smart Entrepreneur’s Business Planner, sharing over 30 years of essentials to small and large ideas alike. As a serial entrepreneur, Cliff has launched companies in real estate, technology, finance, and education. He’s written and judged contests for hundreds of business plans. In a down-to-earth style, Cliff strips away the mystery of starting or running a business. You’ll also hear lessons from angels and demons on the do’s, don’ts, risks, and rewards of certain industries. You’ll learn to pitch venture capitalists and what the experts still don’t tell you in most business schools or reality TV shows! Whether you’re a passionate start-up entrepreneur or global CEO, there’s something for everyone in this master course!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to brainstorm before you launch!
  • 15 essentials to every business plan
  • Establishing your financial model
  • Identifying your target market
  • Listening to your customer
  • Why brand comes first
  • Building a clear mission & vision
  • How to establish culture values
  • Defining a unique value proposition
  • How to prepare & pitch for capital
  • How to kick start campaigns
  • Risks & rewards of angel financing
  • Risks & rewards of crowd-funding
  • Risks & rewards of venture capital
  • How to avoid common start-up failures
  • How to properly conduct S.W.O.T analysis
  • What to learn & ignore from competitors
  • How to leverage your intellectual property

FREE Tools:

  • The Business Plan Builder
  • The Brainstormer
  • Financial projection forms
  • Competitive S.W.O.T. analysis forms
  • Interactive course video (narrated by Cliff Michaels)
  • Fun challenge exercises
  • Optional final exam & completion certificate

BONUS AUDIO: Diary of a DotCom > Fasten your seat belt for a race against the clock with angels, demons, and venture capitalists! In this fast-paced true story, you’ll hear Cliff narrate his Diary of a DotCom, an exciting chapter featured in his New York Times Bestseller, “The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking.” Discover the pioneering journey of a billion-dollar startup that wet global in 70 countries during the internet frenzy of 1999 and bubble burst on 2000! BONUS VIDEO COMING SOON:  Angels, Demons & Venture Capital > Do you know the do’s, dont’s, risks and rewards of raising money to drive a business? Just when you thought it was safe to fly with angels, demons may be chasing you! In an exclusive set of interviews, you’ll learn from start-up entrepreneurs, angels, kickstarters, and powerhouse VC’s who’ve been in the trenches. Discover what workedwhat didn’t, and lessons learned! Testimonials: “A visionary leader and pioneering entrepreneur, Cliff Michaels sets the bar for business planning.” Michael Caito | Past Chairman, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

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