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Ready to inspire a fun, healthy & peak performance culture?

This course will take your leadership, management and team building goals to the next level, covering essentials to entrepreneurial strategies for winning environments big or small. You’ll learn keys to inspire as a coach, parent, educator, or leader in your field?” As founder of companies in real estate, technology, education, and strategic consulting, Cliff Michaels not only shares 25 years of real-world experience, but wisdom from mentors in sports, business, science, politics, education, and entertainment. So get ready to lead your team with passion, purpose and results! This course sets the tone and connects the dots for your leadership style, success systems, and organizational culture.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The inspiration factor
  • Leadership styles & common threads to greatness
  • The difference between leaders & managers
  • 10 inspiration drivers & 10 motivation killers
  • How to say no & still be loved
  • How to delegate with accountability
  • How to foster creativity and collaboration
  • Understanding pros & cons of democracy & transparency
  • How to build a powerful team mission

Standard Course Content

  • E-Course narrated by Cliff Michaels
  • Individual & Team Exercises
  • Optional Final Exam & Completion Certificate

FREE Bonus Tools

  • 10-Point Brainstorming Tool
  • Beginner & Advanced Ice Breakers
  • Forum Presentation & Protocols
  • Forum Meeting Sample Agenda Forum
  • Project and Event Scorecard
  • 12-Point Self & Team Discovery Tool
  • Leadership Evaluation Scorecard
  • Project & Event Scorecards


“I’ve known Cliff Michaels 15 years, ten of which were during his board and presidential leadership of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization Los Angeles (YEO / EO). We also worked together on Global Leadership Conferences, University Learning Events, and Philanthropic Galas. Cliff was one of the first members to launch mentor programs for students and professional peers. His blend of humility, passion and real world essentials are a standard for life and entrepreneur training.” Michael Caito | Past Chairman, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)

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