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In The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking, Cliff Michaels dispels the myth of born entrepreneurs and proposes a paradigm shift in global education. Taking readers on an inspiring journey, Cliff shares his triumphs and tribulations as a young entrepreneur who challenged teaching standards at 18. He ultimately dropped out of USC and started buying properties at 19 with no cash or formal business training.

After building a successful real estate company in the 90s, Cliff raised millions in venture capital to launch a pioneering technology company during the Internet frenzy of 1999. His Diary of a Dot-Com will have you on the edge of your seat as he bares his soul to discover success and happiness. Cliff then unleashes a dynamic system of fascinating essays on life skills, action strategies, core values, and purpose principles.

On the cutting edge of personal and professional learning programs, Michaels draws on mentors from da Vinci, Edison, Mozart, and Einstein to modern icons such as Jobs, Oprah, Branson, Spielberg, Hsieh, and Mycoskie. Featuring over 100 amazing people, Michaels sets a new standard for academic and corporate training. Street-smart & thought provoking, The 4 Essentials isn’t just for entrepreneurs. It challenges all of us to earn a real-world MBA – your Masters in Basic Abilities. Part memoir and part manifesto, The 4 Essentials are now taught in top schools & companies worldwide.


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