Professional Profile

Cliff Michaels is a writer, lyricist, television & film consultant, real estate broker, venture capitalist, strategic coach, and social entrepreneur. His New York Times Bestseller, The 4 Essentials: A Misfit’s Journey, is a street-smart memoir with inspirational stories on over 100 famous mentors who taught Cliff the keys to Mindset, Strategies, Values, and Purpose. After launching #1 on Amazon, #3 NYT, and hitting Bestseller status with WSJ, USA Today, Barnes & Noble), Cliff designed his Total Success System for life, careers, and entrepreneurs that has been taught in top schools and corporations worldwide. Cliff also facilitates private forums, boards, and custom retreats.

Cliff is also CEO/Founder of Cliff Michaels & Associates, a real estate, funding, consulting firm that has closed nearly a billion dollars in transactions since 1992. In 1999, Cliff co-founded the world’s first online platform to feature digital-notary technology. From 1996-2004, Cliff also served as President, Forum Facilitator, and Education Chair of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Los Angeles (12,000+ members, 60+ countries, 120+ chapters). Cliff also launched EO’s first student mentor and charity programs. 

Giving Back by Learning Forward: With a mission to inspire and raise the bar for global education, Cliff donates books and education programs with every sale or transaction. SPONSOR YOUR FAVORITE STUDENT, CLUB or SCHOOL TODAY!

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