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Cliff Michaels is a writer, broker, social entrepreneur, education activist, and founder of companies from finance to technology. His philanthropic work has supported cancer, kids at risk, the performing arts, animal rights and the environment.

In 1992, Cliff Michaels & Associates was launched to provide a network of brokers, lenders, and strategists for creatives, investors, and entrepreneurs. The firm has closed nearly a billion dollars in transactions with a focus on real estate, entertainment, and education.

Cliff’s NY Times Bestseller, The 4 Essentials: A Misfit’s Journey is a street-smart memoir, featuring mentors from artists and athletes to humanitarians and modern moguls (launched #1 Amazon 2012 — audio, paperback, e-book). The book proposes a paradigm shift in global education that includes mindset, strategies, values, and purpose.

In 1999, Cliff co-founded the world’s first online platform to feature digital-notary technology (First Use Registry). From 1996-2004, Cliff also served as President, Forum Trainer, and Education Chair of the L.A. Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO has 12,000+ members, 60+ countries, 120+ chapters).

COMING SOON > EASY TEACH LMS PLUG-IN. Designed by Cliff Michaels, this customizable Learning Management System provides an affordable WordPress plug-in and website template for teachers, schools, and companies who wish to provide 24/7 certified e-courses and tools.

GIVING BACK by LEARNING FORWARD: A passionate education activist, Cliff provides FREE E-courses and tools for personal & professional growth. His curriculum includes self & team discovery, goal & project planning, social intelligence, forum training, negotiation, entrepreneurship, basic money mastery, and more.

PERSONAL: Cliff’s passions include yoga, music, films, remodeling homes, coaching students, brokering deals, facilitating forums, and developing pitch decks for capital. He is also a consultant to film, music, and television projects. (See Cliff’s 5 Keys to The Hollywood Matrix)

CONNECT with CLIFF: Cliff and his rescue pup Lucy live in Santa Monica, California. He can be reached on social media platforms @cliffmichaels | M: 310-488-6422 | E:

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