Minimum System Requirements

Compatible Devices: IOS & Android
Compatible Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox

Login, Video or Slow page Load Issues?

  1. Download latest operating system & browser for your computer or mobile device.
  2. Clear your browser’s cache history
  3. Log out and log back in

How to add users at discounts if you have the Total Success System

Once you login, go to “Add Users” from your “My Account” page , and purchase the group discount size you need. You can then grant access to select users by inviting them or adding them with the appropriate fields and links.

How to start a course
Once you’ve purchased e-courses, just login to your account page and choose a course title. You can access the classes, exercises, and quiz from there. You can save responses and take notes on all the challenge exercise forms.

How to get your completion certificate
Each course comes with an optional quiz. A completion certificate is available if you score 80% or better on the quiz. You can repeat the quiz until you pass.


  • Sponsor a student of school
  • Add links to CliffMichaels.com from your web pages
  • Contact us for discount codes: support@cliffmichaels.com