Serving Your Mission Over 25 Years

Founded in 1992, The Michaels Agency (TMA) provides funding, agency, and consulting professionals for real estate (residential & commercial), business (small to global) and entertainment (literary, TV, film) projects. Cliff Michaels also facilitates forums and strategic planning for life, careers, writers, and entrepreneurs. With over a billion dollars in transactions, TMA has cultivated a global network of professionals that meet 3 essentials critical to your success: 1) a passion for service, 2) a long-term record of result-driven excellence, and 3) a team of industry experts who can fill your gaps.

1) Need a real estate broker, business banker, or private-equity lender?
Contact: 310-488-6422 •

2) Need help with a book, TV, film, music, start-up, or gaming project?
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3) Need essential training for life, careers & entrepreneurs?
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