BOOK CLIFF LIVE! Cliff Michaels has been conducting high-impact workshops and retreats over 20 years. No hype. No woo-woo. No magic pill. Just highly-connected tools & essentials for life, careers, and entrepreneurs based on real-world experiences. FUN. FAST. RESULTS. GUARANTEED.

WHERE SHOULD I START? SELF & TEAM DISCOVERY with GOAL & PROJECT PLANNING are highly-recommended to establish mission, vision, values, action & accountability. FORUM TRAINING builds upon discovery with greater structure, protocols, and tools for Boards, Forums, Committees, Support Groups, and Start-Ups. In 2016, Cliff combined a number of these workshops for TEDxLA Imagine Week and produced IMAGINEERING IDEAS INTO ACTION (the combination of Cliff’s best-rated courses and tools.

WHAT’S A FORUM? A Forum (often 3-15 members) is a highly confidential, peer-to-peer meeting, with ground rules based on Gestalt Theory (the whole is more than the sum of its parts). A Forum usually meets monthly to share and learn collective life and business experiences with members presenting issues supported by a forum-member coach who helps prepare the topic. A facilitated forum adds tools, best practices, and an experienced third-party moderator-facilitator (such as Cliff Michaels) who can teach, help resolve issues, and take the Forum to new heights.

WHO BENEFITS? Cliff’s Training, Facilitation, and Workshops are ideal for Forums, Boards, Support Groups, Committees, Students, Teachers, Classrooms, Start-Up Teams, Creative Artists, and Young Entrepreneurs.

HOW LONG? Cliff’s Live Training & Facilitation can be done with a half-day, full-day, or multi-day retreat, customized to your needs. From boardrooms to once-in-a-lifetime virtual experiences, let us know how we can serve you best.

CLIFF’S TRAINING BACKGROUND > Cliff has trained thousands of students, professionals, and entrepreneurs over 25 years. From 1995-2004, he also served as President, Education, and Forum Chair for the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization in L.A (YEO), known today as EO (15,000+ members, 120+ chapters, 60+ countries). Known for his humor and down-to-earth style, Cliff brings high-impact solutions to every training. No Woo Woo nor Magic Pill. JUST FUN, FAST, RESULTS,


  • Result-Driven
  • Project & Time Efficient
  • Plan Positions & Transitions
  • Create Standards for Leaders
  • Help Analyze Ideas & Projects
  • Attract & Retain the Right Talent
  • Establish By-Laws & Ground Rules
  • Crystalize Mission, Vision, Values
  • Build or Restore Confidentiality & Trust
  • Ensure Action, Accountability & Alignment
  • Improve Coaching & Presentation Methods


  • Pre-forum survey
  • Coaching worksheet
  • Sample constitution
  • Facilitator scorecard
  • Meeting agenda form
  • Vitality & dynamics survey
  • Start-of-meeting-update form
  • Presenter preparation worksheet
  • Beginner & advanced ice-breakers
  • Challenge exercises (assignments)
  • Forum presentation & protocols sheet
  • Optional completion certificate (e-course)


  1. The Brainstormer (FREE)
    • 10-steps to analyze before your strategize
  2. Essential Career Builder
    • Resumes, interviews, networking, personal branding
  3. Money Mastery & 8 Steps to 800 Credit
    • A guide to financial freedom
  4. Self & Team Discovery
    • 12 steps to personal & professional growth
  5. Goal, Project & Time Management
    • Better workflow to get things done 
  6. Forum Training for Boards & Meetings
    • Protocols for highly effective teams
  7. Communication for Quality Relationships 
    • Social, emotional & business intelligence
  8. The Power Negotiator 
    • Keys to YES & conflict resolution
  9. Lead, Manage & Motivate (coming soon)
    • Leadership essentials & culture fit
  10. Sales, Marketing & Branding (coming soon)
    • A triple-play to passion, profits & purpose
  11. The Smart Entrepreneur’s Plan & Pitch  (coming soon)
    • Angels, demons & startup strategies 

BOOK CLIFF TODAY ! In addition to having access to Cliff’s courses 24/7 via the web, you can customize live or virtual training with Cliff by booking an hour, half-day, full-day, or multi-day experience! If you’d like to schedule Cliff live, e-mail: or complete the form below.

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