CLIFF’S STYLE > As a social & serial entrepreneur who has launched companies in tech, real estate, finance, and education, Cliff is known for his humor, down-to-earth style, and no-nonsense approach to coaching, consulting, and forum facilitation. Cliff also brings 25+ years of high-impact tools to your biggest challenge. No hype or magic pill — Just real-world ESSENTIALS MADE EASY for life, careers, leaders & entrepreneurs.

WHERE TO START? Cliff’s signature courses (E-COURSES HERE) include SELF & TEAM DISCOVERY, GOAL & PROJECT PLANNING, and FORUM TRAINING. These 30-45 minute courses help you establish mission, vision, values, action & accountability. Each topic includes structured tools and protocols for Individuals, Teams, Boards, Leaders, Start-Ups and Gestalt Forums.

WHAT’S A GESTALT FORUM? A Gestalt Forum is a peer-to-peer meeting with Gestalt-style ground rules (the whole is more than the sum of its parts). Gestalt Forums often meet monthly to share life & business experiences in a highly-confidential environment to drive personal & professional growth. A Facilitated Forum has been trained by an experienced third-party coach who can help members focus on best protocols for growth, ground rules, and conflict resolution.

WHO BENEFITS? Cliff’s E-Courses, Live Training, and Customized Forums are ideal for Boards, Committees, Students, Educators, Fellow Coaches, Start-Up Teams, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs.


  • Result-Driven
  • Project & Time Efficient
  • Plan Positions & Transitions
  • Create Standards for Leaders
  • Help Analyze Ideas & Projects
  • Attract & Retain the Right Talent
  • Establish By-Laws & Ground Rules
  • Crystalize Mission, Vision, Values
  • Build or Restore Confidentiality & Trust
  • Ensure Action, Accountability & Alignment
  • Improve Coaching & Presentation Methods


  • Pre-forum survey
  • Coaching worksheet
  • Sample constitution
  • Facilitator scorecard
  • Meeting agenda form
  • Vitality & dynamics survey
  • Start-of-meeting-update form
  • Presenter preparation worksheet
  • Beginner & advanced ice-breakers
  • Challenge exercises (assignments)
  • Forum presentation & protocols sheet
  • Optional completion certificate (e-course)


  1. The Brainstormer (FREE)
    • 10-steps to analyze before your strategize
  2. Essential Career Builder
    • Resumes, interviews, networking, personal branding
  3. Money Mastery & 8 Steps to 800 Credit
    • A guide to financial freedom
  4. Self & Team Discovery
    • 12 steps to personal & professional growth
  5. Goal, Project & Time Management
    • Better workflow to get things done 
  6. Forum Training for Boards & Meetings
    • Protocols for highly effective teams
  7. Communication for Quality Relationships 
    • Social, emotional & business intelligence
  8. The Power Negotiator 
    • Keys to YES & conflict resolution
  9. Lead, Manage & Motivate (coming soon)
    • Leadership essentials & culture fit
  10. Sales, Marketing & Branding (coming soon)
    • A triple-play to passion, profits & purpose
  11. The Smart Entrepreneur’s Plan & Pitch  (coming soon)
    • Angels, demons & startup strategies 

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