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In 2012, The 4 Essentials (By Cliff Michaels) launched #1 on Amazon, #1 on Barnes & Noble, and #3 on the New York Times Bestseller List. Taking readers on a street-smart journey through life, mentors, and business, Cliff proposes a radical shift in global education and career training. He also provides thought-provoking stories on The 4 Essentials (mindset, strategies, values, purpose). Through trials and triumphs, Cliff shares lessons from the edge as a dyslexic student who challenged the status quo, dropped out of USC at 19, and went on to launch companies in real estate, finance, education, and technology (all before the age of 30). Drawing on over 100 famous mentors from Socrates, Edison, and da Vinci to Oprah, Branson, and modern misfits, Cliff empowers each of us to earn a real-world MBA (Masters in Basic Abilities).  This is a fun, fast-paced read for anyone in search of passion, purpose, and results!


My Lessons From The Edge

  1. A Misfit’s Journey Begins
  2. Life 101 & Street Smarts
  3. A Unique College Experience
  4. Welcome to The Real World
  5. Diary of a Dot-com (A Path to Purpose)

Essential 1) MINDSET

  1. Define Success and Happiness
  2. Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Soul
  3. Cultivate Creative Thinking
  4. Build a Result-Driven Practice
  5. Show Grit & Never Quit

Essential 2) STRATEGIES

  1. Take the Self-Discovery Path 
  2. Master Emotional & Communication Intelligence
  3. Embrace Chaos, Decisions & Change
  4. Work With Teams, Leaders & Mentors
  5. Focus, Set Goals & Manage Time

Essential 3) VALUES

  1. Live with Integrity 
  2. Display Sportsmanship 
  3. Exercise Humility 
  4. Manifest Love & Tolerance
  5. Show Gratitude 

Essential 4) PURPOSE

  1. Ignite Your Personal Power
  2. Follow Your Passion
  3. Develop a Healthy Mind, Body & Soul
  4. Give Back & Make a Difference
  5. Enjoy the Journey



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