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For 25 years, Cliff Michaels has chaired and facilitated hundreds of forums, boards, meetings, and conferences for thought leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs worldwide. Whether your group dynamic needs of a mediator-facilitator, or you have a larger group seeking tools and training, Cliff brings humor, experience, and FUN-FAST-RESULTS to the table.

  • Ask about student, club & school discounts!
  • 1-on-1 consulting (virtual or live)
  • Half-day, Full-day, Multi-day group retreats.

Choose Your Topics (Click link for description & tools

  1. The 4 Essentials (audio & paperback book)
    • Mindset • Strategies • Values • Purpose
  2. The Brainstormer
    • 10-steps to analyze “before” you strategize
  3. Essential Career Builder
    • Resumes, interviews, networking, personal branding
  4. Money Mastery & 8 Steps to 800 Credit
    • A guide to financial freedom
  5. Self & Team Discovery
    • 12 steps to personal & professional growth
  6. Goal, Project & Time Management
    • Better workflow to get things done 
  7. Forum Training for Boards & Meetings
    • Protocols for highly effective teams
  8. Communication for Quality Relationships 
    • Social, emotional & business intelligence
  9. The Power Negotiator 
    • Keys to YES & conflict resolution
  10. Lead, Manage & Motivate (coming soon)
    • Essentials to team building & culture fit
  11. Sales, Marketing & Branding (coming soon)
    • A triple-play to process, purpose & profits
  12. The Entrepreneur’s Pitch Deck (coming soon)
    • Angels, demons & start-ups (OH MY!) 

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