The Brainstormer


Cliff’s Brainstormer is a 10-step, 10-minute lesson with simple challenge exercises to help you or your team decide if ideas are truly worth the time, money & effort!

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This FREE 10-minute presentation narrated by Cliff Michaels provides a 10-step easy guide to analyze before you strategize ideas. The exercises are fun for students, creatives, project teams, parents, instructors, committees, and entrepreneurs contemplating their next big move. The Brainstormer is also a great launchpad to Cliff’s other workshops and courses on “self & team discovery” “goal & project planning” “forum training for teams and boards” and “power negotiation.”

What You’ll Learn in 10 Minutes

  • How to test an idea
  • How to evaluate purpose
  • How to fast-track a decision
  • How to align talent with values
  • How to align passion with action
  • How to decide if it’s worth time, money & effort


  • SWOT Analysis Tools
  • Brainstormer Tool Sheet
  • Budget Sheet Tool
  • Balance Sheet Tool
  • Meeting Agenda Form