Communication & People Skills


Quality relationships and business excellence begin with social, emotional, and business intelligence. In this course, you’ll learn clear, consistent & constructive strategies that can be applied to networking, leadership, negotiation, conflict resolution, decision making & problem solving.


COMMUNICATION for QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS > Quality relationships & networking skills begin with social, emotional, and business intelligence. In this one-of-a-kind system, you’ll learn clear, consistent & constructive strategies to impr0ve relationships, networking abilities, leadership essentials, negotiation skills, conflict resolution, decision making, and problem-solving. “If I had to start students and young professionals on once course, THIS IS IT!” ~ Cliff Michaels

Course Highlights

  • Emotional, Social & Communication Intelligence
  • Master Your Communication Choices
  • 12 Communication Commandments
  • 10 Tips for Reading Body Language
  • 11 Keys to Quality Networking & Relationships
  • 7 Laws for E-Mail & Social Media

Course Tools & Exercises

  • Event & project scorecard
  • Contact catalyst
  • Narrated slide show by Cliff
  • Challenge exercises (assignments)
  • Optional quiz & completion certificate


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