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FORUM TRAINING > Cliff Michaels has chaired Boards and facilitated Forums for over 20 years. Forum protocols in this course were conceived over 50 years ago by the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). The principles (based in part on Gestalt Theory) are considered to be the #1 system in the world for highly successful boards and meetings. In 2004/2005, as Forum Chair & President of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization Los Angeles (YEO), known today as EO), Cliff designed his chapter’s first Forum Training Manual. Since then, Cliff has taught Forum protocols to thousands of students, start-ups, and client boards through live and online workshops. Cliff’s E-course and Live Forum Training are ideal for EO & YPO forums, advisory & director boards, start-up teams, project committees, entrepreneurs, home-schooling, and even personal support groups. TAKE YOUR TEAM TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH UNLIMITED CHANCES TO REVIEW LESSONS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, AT YOUR PACE!

Course Highlights

  • 8 Steps to Launch Result-Driven Forums, Boards & Teams.
  • 10 Keys to Plan Positions & Transitions
  • 15 Rules for Highly Effective Meetings
  • How to Attract & Retain the Right Talent
  • Essential By-Laws for Successful Boards
  • How to Analyze Ideas & Teammates
  • Leadership Keys for Captains & Focus Sergeants
  • How to Build Forum Confidentiality & Trust
  • How to Ensure Action, Accountability & Alignment
  • Breaking Bad to Get Results: The 800-Pound Gorilla

Course Tools & Exercises

  • Pre-forum survey
  • Forum vitality survey
  • Presenter preparation worksheet
  • Beginner & advanced ice breakers
  • Forum presentation & protocols sheet
  • Meeting agenda form
  • Start-of-meeting-update form
  • Event scorecard
  • Facilitator scorecard
  • Coaching worksheet
  • Sample constitution
  • Narrated slide show by Cliff Michaels
  • Challenge exercises (assignments)
  • Optional quiz & completion certificate
  • Cliff’s Intro-To-Forum Live Workshop


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