FORUM TRAINING > Cliff Michaels has trained & facilitated Forums & Boards for 25 years. Forum protocols in this course are based on creating a safe and confidential meeting space with Gestalt Theory protocols (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts). Whether you experience Cliff’s E-course or Live Training, the Forum experience is ideal for student groups, support groups, advisory boards, start-up teams, and project committees. 

Course Highlights

  • 8 Steps to Launch Result-Driven Forums, Boards & Teams.
  • 10 Keys to Plan Positions & Transitions
  • 15 Rules for Highly Effective Meetings
  • How to Attract & Retain the Right Talent
  • Essential By-Laws for Successful Boards
  • How to Analyze Ideas & Teammates
  • Leadership Keys for Captains & Focus Sergeants
  • How to Build Forum Confidentiality & Trust
  • How to Ensure Action, Accountability & Alignment
  • Breaking Bad to Get Results: The 800-Pound Gorilla

Course Tools & Exercises

  • Pre-forum survey
  • Forum vitality survey
  • Presenter preparation worksheet
  • Beginner & advanced ice breakers
  • Forum presentation & protocols sheet
  • Meeting agenda form
  • Start-of-meeting-update form
  • Event scorecard
  • Facilitator scorecard
  • Coaching worksheet
  • Sample constitution
  • Narrated slide show by Cliff Michaels
  • Challenge exercises (assignments)
  • Optional quiz & completion certificate
  • Live Recorded Workshop


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