Basic Money & Credit Mastery


In this essential course for students & young professionals, Cliff provides tools & strategies for a money mindset, cash flow, budget & balance sheets, and essentials to build, manage, and repair credit.

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Basic Money & Credit Mastery > In this 45-minute course, Cliff Michaels gives you smart tools and strategies to manage budgets & balance sheets. You’ll also learn 8 steps to 800 credit scores and how to improve cash flow. These are the lessons every parent and school should teach students at the earliest age. DISCLAIMERThis course DOES NOT PROVIDE LESSONS about stocks, crypto, or real estate, NOR does this program provide legal or financial advice. As with all legal & financial matters, consult your legal or financial professional.

Course Highlights

  • Smart debt vs. bad debt
  • 12 Keys to a wealthy mindset
  • Personal budgets & balance sheets
  • 8 steps to build 800 credit
  • How to master the FICO system
  • 9 Steps to repair or remove bad credit
  • 8 Keys to avoid & fraud & identity theft
  • Essential planning for financial freedom
  • How to increase income & lower expenses
  • Simple strategies to better cash flow
  • How to get the lowest interest rates

Course Tools & Exercises

  • Auto-calculating budget sheet tool
  • Auto-calculating balance sheet tool
  • Credit booster checklist
  • Narrated slide show by Cliff
  • Challenge exercises (assignments)
  • Optional quiz & completion certificate


  • SWOT Analysis Tools
  • Brainstormer Tool Sheet
  • Meeting Agenda Form 


  • Breaking Bad – The 800 Pound Gorilla Story
    A Forum Strategy that Saved a Dysfunctional Board
  • Cliff Michaels’ Lessons From the Edge
    TV Host/Entrepreneur Troy Hazard interviews Cliff Michaels
  • The Achiever’s Mindset
    SUCCESS Magazine publisher Darren Hardy interviews Cliff Michaels