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Money & Credit Mastery > In this 45-minute course, Cliff gives you tools and strategies to manage budgets, take 8 steps to 800 credit, and create cash flow. For over 20 years, Cliff has conducted personal finance and credit workshops for students on a tight budget and young professionals alike — a great start to financial freedom!

Course Highlights

  • Smart debt vs. bad debt
  • 12 Keys to a wealthy mindset
  • Personal budgets & balance sheets
  • 8 steps to build 800 credit
  • How to master the FICO system
  • 9 Steps to repair or remove bad credit
  • 8 Keys to avoid & fraud & identity theft
  • Essential planning for financial freedom
  • How to increase income & lower expenses
  • Simple strategies to better cash flow
  • How to get the lowest interest rates

Course Tools & Exercises

  • Auto-calculating budget sheet tool
  • Auto-calculating balance sheet tool
  • Credit booster checklist
  • Narrated slide show by Cliff
  • Challenge exercises (assignments)
  • Optional quiz & completion certificate


  • SWOT Analysis Tools
  • Brainstormer Tool Sheet
  • Meeting Agenda Form 


  • Breaking Bad – The 800 Pound Gorilla Story
    A Forum Strategy that Saved a Dysfunctional Board
  • Cliff Michaels’ Lessons From the Edge
    TV Host/Entrepreneur Troy Hazard interviews Cliff Michaels
  • The Achiever’s Mindset
    SUCCESS Magazine publisher Darren Hardy interviews Cliff Michaels


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