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THE POWER NEGOTIATOR > Ready to break deadlocks & close more deals? For over 25 years, Cliff Michaels has negotiated deals between banks, brokers, buyers, sellers, lawyers, partners and investors. From Preparation to Positioning and Packaging to Presentation, you’ll master strategies like a pro! Whether  asking for a raise, closing deals, negotiating capital, or resolving legal disputes, Cliff’s proven system helps you close deals with intelligent direction. This high-impact course is for anyone ready to be THE POWER NEGOTIATOR!

Course Highlights

  • What drives decisions
  • 10 steps to problem solving
  • 8 hardcore negotiation rules
  • 11 steps to preparation & presentation
  • 8 tips to price & package offers
  • 10 keys to break deadlocks
  • 5 tips to settle or avoid legal disputes

Course Tools & Exercises

  • The smart negotiator’s checklist
  • SWOT analysis grid
  • Side-by-side competitive analysis
  • Narrated slide show by Cliff 
  • Challenge exercises (assignments)
  • Optional quiz & completion certificate


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