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20% OFF • 3-Course Power Pack!

1. SELF & TEAM DISCOVERY >Building on principles from The 4 Essentials, this course consistently ranks as a favorite with students, professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Cliff will guide you and your team through a proven formula that crystallizes your passion, purpose, strengths, goals, and values. You’ll also learn a simple but powerful drill to create high-impact mission & branding statements.

2. GOAL, PROJECT & TIME MANAGEMENT > In this fast-paced course, Cliff guides you through proven tools, daily routines, and monthly habits to simplify, prioritize and organize! You’ll not only save time, money and effort, you’ll learn to “focus on what you do best as you delegate, collaborate, and eliminate the rest.” Tackle small projects and career moves to launching start-ups and fast-growth companies.  This system is highly recommended with all of Cliff’s crash courses because time is our most valuable, non-renewable asset!

3. COMMUNICATION for QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS > Quality relationships & networking essentials begin with social, emotional, and business intelligence. In this one-of-a-kind system, you’ll learn clear, consistent & constructive strategies for personal and professional communication excellence. The tools and exercises Cliff presents in this course can be easily applied to relationships, networking, leadership, and essentials that Cliff covers in his course on negotiation and conflict resolution / decision making & problem solving.


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