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Education is the Great Equalizer! With help from generous donors and sponsors like you, we can make a huge difference in the lives of millions of learners worldwide. Each donation provides students, educators, clubs, classrooms, for-profits, and non-profits with e-learning content, platforms, and solutions they desperately need. 


$20-$100 Angel = Provides a student or professional with 1 to 4 of Cliff Michaels’ essential e-courses for life, careers & entrepreneurs. (See Cliff’s Library).

$200-400+ Rock Star = Provides a student or professional with an All-Access Class Pass to Cliff Michaels’ Top 7 Essential E-Courses. 

$500-20,000 Super Hero = Provides an organization, school, or educator with Cliff’s All-Access Class Pass + an EasyTeach LMS Platform with optional Turnkey Website so teachers & trainers can provide their own content & e-commerce offerings.

  • Step 1: Insert Your Donation Amount at Checkout.
  • Step 2: Upon Checkout, you have the option to: A) make a general donation or; B) tell us your recipient’s contact info (educator, student, club, school, company) so we can send their gift in your name. Recipients may use your gift at any time.

Thanks for Supporting Education! (Donations may be tax-deductible. Please consult your tax professional for applicable guidelines).