E-courses in this Series are what social entrepreneur Cliff Michaels describes as a real-world MBA > your Masters in Basic Abilities! 

A real world degree is a great leg up for any career, but it’s not a proxy for success. Cliff’s Total Success System gives you a competitive edge with e-courses and tools for life & business skills, credit and money management, communication, negotiation, project planning, entrepreneurial thinking and much more. With over 5 hours of fast-paced narrated lessons, you’ll also get two of Cliff’s signature workshops that were recorded live in Los Angeles, California (Forum Training & Self/Team Discovery). The courses in this system are a highly connected curriculum, ideal for students, teachers, leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs alike!


  1. The Brainstormer
    • 10-steps to analyze before your strategize
  2. Essential Career Builder
    • Resumes, interviews, networking, personal branding
  3. Money Mastery & 8 Steps to 800 Credit
    • A guide to financial freedom
  4. Self & Team Discovery
    • 12 steps to personal & professional growth
  5. Goal, Project & Time Management
    • Better workflow to get things done 
  6. Forum Training for Boards & Meetings
    • Protocols for highly effective teams
  7. Communication for Quality Relationships 
    • Social, emotional & business intelligence
  8. The Power Negotiator 
    • Keys to YES & conflict resolution
  9. Lead, Manage & Motivate (coming soon)
    • Essentials to team building & culture fit
  10. Sales, Marketing & Branding (coming soon)
    • A triple play to passion, profits & purpose
  11. Smart Entrepreneur’s Plan & Pitch (coming soon)
    • Angels, demons & startup strategies 

Bonus Live Interviews & Presentations 

  • Cliff Interviewed by Darren Hardy
    The Achiever’s Mindset (SUCCESS Audio Series)
  • Cliff Interviewed by Entrepreneur Troy Hazard
    The 4 Essentials & Lessons from the Edge
  • Breaking Bad • Fixing Dysfunctional Teams
    A Must Watch for Leaders, Movers & Shakers

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