Jayme Riggio

Cliff has been my “go-to” guy for real estate, finance & professional strategies over 20 years. Cliff Michaels & Associates is an amazing network with my highest recommendation.

Barbara Lipkin

I’ve done business with Cliff Michaels & Associates for over 25 years. Cliff’s business and personal IQ are a great asset to buyers, sellers, brokers, and financial professionals alike.

Blake Mycoskie

Cliff’s writing is full of inspiration & practical lessons. I highly recommend his NYT Bestseller “The 4 Essentials”.

Blake Mycoskie

Jayme Riggio-sales

This is a truly intelligent course to drive sales for any product or service. Cliff’s essentials launched us to the top of our industry in a period of months!

Michael Caito-Leader

Cliff Michaels is a visionary leader and pioneering entrepreneur who sets the standard for life and business training.

Troy Hazard – Leader

I’ve known Cliff 20 years, originally through the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). His training tools and leadership abilities are exemplary.

Chris Novy – Communications

You can hear it in his voice, read it in his writing, see it in his presentations, and feel it in his message. If you want to take your sales, relationships, networking & leadership skills to another level, Cliff’s communication strategies are extraordinary

Jayme Riggio-Negotiations

Life & business are a constant give and take. This is by far the smartest system I’ve seen on negotiation.

Mitch Waldstein – Negotiations

This course gets 5 stars! I negotiate daily with banks, brokers, lawyers and investors. Cliff’s Power Negotiator is the best system I’ve seen on closing deals and solving problems.

Christian Johnson-Forum

Highly recommended! As a Student Leadership Coach, I’ve worked with students & presidents at top campus organizations from UCLA to USC & The LEAP Foundation. Cliff’s Forum Training was an extraordinary experience.