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In his New York Times Bestseller The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking, Cliff Michaels has written a cutting edge memoir and fast-paced manifesto that dispels the myth of born entrepreneurs and proposes a paradigm shift in global education. Taking readers on an inspiring journey, Cliff shares his triumphs and tribulations as a young entrepreneur who challenged teaching standards as a college freshman. He then dropped out of USC, started as a real estate entrepreneur with no cash, and went on to build companies in finance, technology & education – all in his 20s.

In The 4 Essentials, Cliff also draws on classic mentors from Socrates, Edison, da Vinci, Mozart and Einstein, to modern icons such as Jobs, Oprah, Branson, Hsieh, and Spielberg. The book includes amazing stories and pithy quotes on over 100 famous people from creative artists and athletes to pioneers and philanthropists. Street-smart and thought provoking, The 4 Essentials isn’t just for entrepreneurs. It challenges everyone to earn a real-world MBA – your Masters in Basic Abilities.

The 4 Essentials are now practiced worldwide as a standard for academic and corporate training. Order Today as a narrated AudioBook, Paperback, E-book, or slide show E-course with challenge exercises, quiz & completion certificate at CliffMichaels.com.